Since the Corporation only produced approximately 2,500 units, each serial number begins with "0" (for example - 01476 or 02115). A 2006 news article about the Quantico marine base Lustrons being given away. Most of the known Lustron houses were constructed in 36 of the United States, including Alaska. Repeat this with every device, checking everything’s working each time, until you find the one that’s causing the problem. Specially designed trailer trucks were used as the final assembling point where the manufactured parts came off the assembly line. Improper Surface Grading/Drainage This was by far the most frequently found problem, reported by 35.8% of the survey respondents. [5] After WWII, the domestic demand for steel exceeded production and the federal government exercised control over its allocation. This page was last edited on 30 December 2020, at 17:23. There are books, too, and even a movie. Coronavirus: Home schooling problems reported across Scotland on first day of new virtual term by David Mackay January 11, 2021, 11:27 am Updated: January 11, 2021, 12:11 pm A steel framing system was devised consisting of vertical steel studs and roof-ceiling trusses to which all interior and exterior panels were attached. It was a production spectacle that a bedazzled Fortune magazine observer called a “special kind of factory.”. "There's a wide choice of pharmacy medicines for heartburn, indigestion and similar problems that are very good for short-term relief of symptoms," he adds. [1] From its plant in Columbus, Ohio (the former Curtiss-Wright factory), the corporation eventually constructed 2,498 Lustron homes between 1948 and 1950. Each met… [21] Plus another 3 in South Bend, Indiana. They were delivered by train or truck and bolted together.Slab foundations and single story. The final average price tag of $10,500 including lot exceeded many budgets. I even like the colors (green roof, gray walls with a green hue, and cream accents also with a green hue). Lustron clerical workers were swamped by the letters and telegrams that resulted from a Life magazine ad in 1948, sending them begging for help. Interest in metal-framing then waned but was renewed in the 1990s. Lustron organized a major marketing campaign in an effort to convince Americans to buy the houses. Lustron’s metal walls don’t take standard home paint, requiring instead a powder-coating system similar to what’s used on vehicles. Buffeted by problems including an erratic post-war steel supply, reportedly poor distribution systems, higher prices than existing fabricated homes and resistance from traditional builders, Lustron filed for bankruptcy in 1950, long before most of the 20,000 orders for homes it had taken between 1946 and 1948 could be filled, according to historical accounts. Later production models of the Newport use a forced-air system. Problems can be misdiagnosed and more importantly incorrect advice given on how to correct the defect. This table has been adapted from Boyd, Michelle Anne. The foundation that your house is built on can have a major impact on the structural integrity of your home. He hoped to apply the continuous production lines of the automobile industry to “Fordize” the housing industry and make Columbus, Ohio, “the Detroit of the housing industry.”. Lustron clerical workers were swamped by the letters and telegrams that resulted from a Life magazine ad in 1948, sending them begging for help. A restored Westchester Deluxe (sans ceiling and roof) from Arlington, Virginia, was reassembled inside the Ohio History Connection[20] in Columbus, Ohio, in 2013. As seen in the chart above, floors in the Westchester Deluxe models were asphalt tile, but in other models (Westchester Standard, Newport, and Meadowbrook), floors were installed as a “builder's option.”[6]. Many of the Lustron homes left standing after 50 years still bear their original siding and roofs as well as many inside features such as built-in cabinets. The largest assembly of Lustrons in one geographic location was in Quantico, Virginia, where 60 were installed at the U.S. Marine Corps military base. Surprisingly, 50+ years later, that bold claim has proven true. [17] The two remaining homes at the base are on the National Register of Historic Places, and are currently used as maintenance buildings.[18]. A foreclosure and liquidation sale was held in 1951 and the plant was converted back into defense production for the Korean conflict. The bathtub press could stamp a tub in one draw and could produce 1000 tubs a day at capacity. For all its potential, the Lustron home ran into immediate problems. Among noteworthy Lustron exterior features are the siding consisting of square segments of material, followed by a zig-zag downspout trellis on the buildings' front and rear corners. [3] The houses sold for between $8,500 and $9,500, according to a March 1949 article in the Columbus Dispatch—about 25 percent less than comparable conventional housing. Across the country, about 2,500 Lustron homes were built between 1948 and 1951, far short of the more than 32,500 a year that Lustron founder Carl Strandlund envisioned. Ads emphasized the Lustron’s continuity with conventional homes but suggested that durability and superior performance were associated with porcelain-enameled steel. There are Lustron homes … For Westchester Deluxe three-bedroom models, tripartite windows were found in the dining area and two of the bedrooms, as well as the living room bay.

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