The only difference is those Hyatt CC holders get 25% rebate versus those non cardholders get only 15%. I wonder if Hyatt will award a special prize for the first person who qualifies as a 2021-2022 Globalist… in 2020. There’s more to this promotion. Through Tuesday, February 23, 2021, World of Hyatt is offering a 30% bonus when you buy at least 5,000 points in one transaction. Please check your dates and format them as (MMM/DD/YYYY). promo or no promo, free or not free nights, we aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future with this virus raging all around us. Ben, do you have any sense of whether Hyatt will actually lower the qualifying stays requirement for each tier? The one question that I didn’t see answered is “Do you need the newer World of Hyatt card to take advantage of this?” I still have the older card and I would really appreciate it if you could write about whether people should change over, and how to do that without endangering their account. Thanks. This post is a really valuable resource for those of us fortunate enough to have some business travel scheduled for this quarter. These are the best publicly available offers (terms apply) that we have found for each product or service. Now I’ve already got my nights booked with Hyatt and Chase is playing the ‘bait n switch’ game with me. You can continue to earn triple points on dining at Hyatts. Bonus points are any other points that are earned through the program, including points earned with the World of Hyatt credit card, elite status bonus points, and Hyatt promotions. Want to earn more hotel points? What a load of shite that is. World of Hyatt More Points is a promotion running February 15 to May 15 for 1,000 bonus points per night at a Hyatt brand hotel worldwide, MGM Resorts M-life property or Small Luxury Hotels of the World partner hotel with Hyatt – beginning with your second stay.. Members receive an additional 500 bonus points per night for stays at Hyatt House or Hyatt Place. @ Nick — If you spent $5,000 on the new WOH Card and you completed the spending in early 2021 then you’d get two elite nights towards 2021 status. If I stay 10 consecutive nights in one of participating hotels do I get 500×10 bonus points ? Properties under the Hyatt umbrella include the Park Hyatt, Miraval, Andaz and Hyatt … Also, I still have Hyatt Gift Certificates from some years back. According to Hyatt, there are more than 370 resorts in the brand’s portfolio — one for every day of the … Hyatt reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer with a suitable substitute offer of equal value (if legally required) at any time due to actual circumstances. World of Hyatt Bonus Points: Event planner must be a World of Hyatt member at the time of booking to benefit from this offer. I told them I’m looking at the offer right now: —finally after 30 minutes on hold (two hours in total) a supervisor tells me that’s bonus isn’t applicable to my new card because I wasn’t routed FROM Hyatt to the chase application directly. You must be a World of Hyatt member at the time of stay to benefit from this rate. World of Hyatt Credit Card members earn 4x points on all resort stays (up to 75,000 points). Purchase 5,000 or more Bonus Points in a single transaction and receive 30% additional Bonus Points. Under this promotion, World of Hyatt members will earn 2X points on stays starting from their second qualifying stay. For me no plans to fly anytime soon and thats coming from someone who averaged 130K a year business and pleasure. Every elite night earned during the Bonus Journeys promotion will also earn you one extra elite night towards status in 2021: To give some examples of how earning elite nights would work: Earn extra elite nights towards 2021 status. @ Lucky, these are outstanding promotions and the very reason I’m currently doing a Hyatt mattress run. In the interest of full disclosure, OMAAT earns a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the below links. If you completed the spending in 2020 then it would count towards 2020 status. That can be done in combo with award nights? I wanted to provide an update on all current promotions, to reflect the extension. There is a 30% bonus on points purchases until 23rd February. Anyone with The World Of Hyatt Credit Card gets ‘Discoverist’ elite status and is thus eligible for the full promotion. So if I do 15 nights under this promo in jan I would get credit for 30 and that would make me a globalists for 2021? Regular members can register here, while elite members register here. So long as you’re registered and checkout from 15 Feb-15 May 20… @ Tony — Working on finding out the answer to your first question (I think the answer is yes, though). OMAAT Exclusive: Earn up to 110,000 Bonus Points, 60,000 bonus points | 3x at supermarkets, restaurants, & gas stations, Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. Members can earn a total of 150,000 bonus points from the promotion, while those with a Hyatt Card can earn up to 225,000 bonus points (accounting for the quadruple points promotion, discussed below) The promotion is valid for stays at all Hyatt properties, participating MGM Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations , and Lindblad Expedition experiences I don’t need to worry about the number of new cards from Chase, but I wonder how long to wait between cancelling the old one and applying for the new one? Thanks. Getting fed up with Marriott, but their US footprint is tough to beat for business travel. Not a World of Hyatt member? From Melbourne – not going anywhere. For what it’s worth, I have not yet received my 25% back in reward points. World of Hyatt members—earn twice the points and enjoy free nights sooner. Then was all set to get explorist for 2020 and globalist for 2021. With boarders closed to basically everywhere……I guess you could stay at the Hyatt in Westlake Village, or Dubai, one of the few places we are welcome. These are excellent promos, and I’ll I might have to do that. Get bonus points: Hyatt’s current promotion is ‘Bonus Journeys’, which is now extended to 28th February 2021. Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. “when you stay at a new Hyatt hotel” bad link. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. That means 20.5 points would equate to a 30.75% return, while 25.5 points would equate to a 38.25% return. really? Hello – I stayed on an award stay and checked in on December 23, 2020 and checked out on January 1, 2021. Purchase Bonus Points for other World of Hyatt members, including friends and family, to help the special people in your life earn a free night or room upgrade. Do you worry that these promotions will mint too many new Globalists that will dilute benefits (upgrades, etc.) I had a 16 night stay planned but cancelled it. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! Is it quadruple pts w/ the old Hyatt cc too? Please check your email to confirm your subscription. @robert, when would your globalist status expire if you completed the 15th stay on Jan 31, 2021? Now Chase is saying the offer is only five qualifying nights for each year (that’s after talking to countless Chase representatives who said they’d never heard of the offer or couldn’t find it). @ Zac — Yep, everything categorized as a Hyatt resort, found here: The landing page for the promotion mentions an offer for a further 1,500 bonus points per stay, but that only applies to World of Hyatt credit cardmembers (i.e not us). (2021), Woman Fakes Attack While Deplaning Southwest Airlines Flight, Citi Premier Card Review With 60K Bonus (2021). Under this offer, you can earn double World of Hyatt bonus points for each whole U.S. dollar (or U.S. dollar equivalent) you spend on Eligible Rates and Eligible Incidental Charges when you book the Double Your Points rate and choose points for your stay. I really wish the CC nights counted toward 2021 status, but I’ll take what I can get. Then in light of todays announcement, should I change my stay to 15 nights? All points awarded under this offer are Bonus Points. Only if I can really exercise my vacation plan. Right now they are groveling for money and which way they can. Lucky, was there ever any info released about which MGM properties in Vegas qualified for this (if any?). Richest Hyatt promotion ever? And usually picked up the old G2 bonus and if you picked the right location, another 1000 points for a closed lounge. Hope that clarifies it. How is this more valuable than Faster Free Nights? 2) do the rolled over nights count towards tier awards? Will this work with pre paid AMEX FHR reservations? Why would you buy Hyatt points? This is a really nice deal, but unfortunately I’m still not sure I’ll be able to take full advantage of it. Nice promotion but don’t understand why Hyatt is discriminating between Globalist members and how they qualify? Maximum 100,000 Bonus Points may be earned for the Hyatt and World of Hyatt Credit Card bonus during the promotion period. Just a heads up that the Prive ‘Third Night Free’ Promotion third night does not count towards status (for this year or for matching for next year under this latest Hyatt promo) since you don’t pay an “Eligible Rate” for the third night (the cost is technically $0). Not sure why you are so surprised with this promotion. Award nights do count towards earning elite nights for 2021, while elite nights earned through credit card spending don’t count. Awesome post! Wow, Hyatt is absolutely killing it. “Hyatt Credit Cardmembers and World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers: Hyatt Credit Cardmembers and World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can receive an additional 10% Bonus Points back on the World of Hyatt points they redeem… “. What do you make of Hyatt’s current promotions? I want to pursue for globalist. Just tried to register and says I’m ineligible. You must be a World of Hyatt member at the time of reservation and stay to benefit from this rate and must provide their membership number and be a registered guest of the room. For the second question the answer is yes. As if the above promotions aren’t enough, keep in mind there are some other opportunities to earn rewards for Hyatt stays, including: There are rewards for staying at new brands, like Alila. Only Base Points are doubled. Will those 30 night get me the confirmed suite night awards? World of Hyatt and Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can receive an additional 10% of their redeemed points back as Bonus Points. Bonus Points will be awarded upon completion of individual transaction. Marriott – time to step it up ASAP! And for the Hyatt reps reading this, first, thank you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I thought this offer is open to every member regardless of status / holding the Hyatt CC? I don’t see it at Hyatt’s newsroom site. . Any chance you have the list of participating properties? Was just wondering if the leveraged points all count towards lifetime base points? All points awarded under this offer are Bonus Points. Well…whatever. I did not register for the 15/25% rebate offer before because of the duration does not work for me. There's a cap of 150,000 bonus points. Back in July Hyatt introduced a promotion for free parking: There’s no registration required to take advantage of this. @ dudas — If you’ve already registered then you’re good. This promotion is subject to the complete terms and conditions of World of Hyatt. Nine (9) elite nights posted to my account but I cannot tell whether these would count double (due to Bonus Journeys promo) or whether these are just nights that I earned in 2020 and they have now simply posted for 2021 (that is, should I expect nine more nights to post at some point because I checked out on January 1 or is this not how this works)? How do you find out which small luxury hotels are participating? Open the World of Hyatt app. I had brought this to Hyatt’s attention. Bonus Points can be purchased in increments of 1,000, up to 55,000 points per calendar year I may receive a commission if you purchase points through my link If you purchase the maximum allowed, you will receive 55,000 points plus 22,000 bonus points for a total of 77,000 points. I guess none of excited rookies here remember Stay 2 get 1 night free with no caps, back in 2009 and earlier. Does that mean i am good or i still need to register again for it to get 25% on stays later this year. How about they do this when travel ramps up? Does this include elite nights earned through Chase Hyatt credit card spend? There are lots of great ways to earn World of Hyatt points. The only thing to wish for is for Hyatt to remove the cap at 100 nights for the milestone rewards. Buy Hyatt points with a 30% bonus until 2/23/21. Buy Hyatt Points – Headline Rules. It would be all that are affiliated with Hyatt and bookable at Free nights start at 5,000 points If I cancel my Points + Cash award will the points be deposited back into my account? 2500/stay is terrible in comparison to what Hyatt is offering. Unfortunately that list won’t be revealed until promotion registration opens in a few weeks. The total cost of 77,000 points (55,000 + 22,000 bonus points… Let’s see if there will be any major devaluations in miles and points in the upcoming years. Hyatt has released details of its new Bonus Journeys promotion. It’s free and easy, and you'll be on your way to enjoying exclusive benefits like this one. Current Hyatt Bonus Offer. Offer is not valid with groups/conventions and may not be combined with other promotional offers. All members earn 5x base points at Hyatt stays and 10x base points on FIND experiences. 2020 Globalist is probably just out of reach, but 2021 is looking good now. Ben, have they released which resorts will have 4x points for WOH CC holders? Members and Cardmembers have more time to register for the exclusive offer by December 1, 2020. It’s the bonus nights that come from spend (separate from a hotel free night award) that doesn’t count. As an aside Park Hyatt Auckland opens next week I believe. Hyatt is leading the pack with promotions and bonuses during this unprecedented COVID-19 period.They have drastically reduced requirements for earning World of Hyatt elite status for 2021 and are extending the current “Bonus Journeys” promotion, which initially launched back in October. We're sorry, only dates up to 24 months from today can be searched. If you’re looking to earn more World of Hyatt points, the good news is that Hyatt points are pretty easy to come by. I moved out of my apartment and I’m living in hotels now. @ James 787 — Since you’d have the elite nights post again, you’d absolutely get the Milestone Rewards for next year as well. How about if you booked to stay on 12/5/2020 for 30 nights to check out on 1/4/2021 – would you get 60 nights upon check out credited into 2021, and, thus, instant Globalist? Thank you for this article, this response and your body of work on this blog. World of Hyatt lets you buy up to 55,000 points per account per calendar year (pre-bonus). Earn quadruple World of Hyatt points at 375 properties. Just to check my math – I can hit Globalist with 13 nights (26 nights) + 5 nights from my WoH card, and also get a 25% rebate on the points? @ beachfan — If you’re talking about Category 1-4 free night awards (or any other free night certificates), yes those are eligible. @ Brian — Hah, fair enough. Your email address will not be published. WOW! This promotion invites all sorts of oddities like this. There’s more to this new promotion. trying to enroll for the extended promotion but it’s saying I’m ineligible. Hi @Lucky, I was hoping you can confirm/clarify the Milestone Rewards portion for me/all of us. Do C4 certs nights count to 2021 status? My question is they have a current promo of 500 points per night on hyatt new hotels around 98 hotels. Of note it will take months and months for the vaccine to “take” recent polls indicate a hesitance in people to get the first round of vaccine in essence saying they don’t totally trust a vaccine that has been rushed to market. World of Hyatt and Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can receive an additional 10% of their redeemed points back as Bonus Points, for a total of 25% of redeemed points back when used during the promotion period. But they gave me 2k free points for the trouble anyway. Wow! Historically Hyatt promotions are based on check out dates. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. Click here to see our complete list of promotions from Hyatt and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page. I don’t have neither WOH CC nOrany elite status at all with Hyatt. And just exactly how many of us will be able to travel to take advantage of all of this? “Hyatt describes the new promotion as the richest ever, and I’d tend to agree.”. @Lucky – I have a couple GoH bookings coming up, any idea if the 15-25% award night discount works with GoH bookings? @Lucky, I have a 6-night stay beginning prior to October 1st but concluding after it. Right now you can get a bonus on purchases of 40% over 5,000 World Of Hyatt points. . Thanks. Buying any kind of point whether it be Hyatt or another brand is done strategically. Hyatt should consider extending the 2021 “milestone rewards” program beyond the typical cap of 100 nights, because many of us will end up easily exceeding that amount through a combination of stays in 2020, stays in 2021, and credit card “qualifying nights” spend. I’m probably going to begin next year with at least 30 nights. Does it mean staying 3o nights will get me 60? Hey everyone. A slight correction to your post: both legacy Hyatt and World of Hyatt credit cardholders receive the additional 10% bonus points back. Why would my account not eligible for this offer, which on Hyatt site already shows the new registration deadline and the offer duration. @Lucky – Thanks for all the good information. does destination hotel lines count for this promotion? World of Hyatt members can continue earning 500 bonus points per night at select new hotels as this promotion has been extended through April 30, 2021. definitely take advantage of them as much as possible. It took 21 posts but finally Debbie downer is here… However, it’s not quite the same — Hyatt describes the current promotion as the richest ever, and I’d tend to agree. World of Hyatt’s current global promotion is called Bonus Journeys, just like the promotion that ended on September 15. Appreciate it.

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